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Private Party for Children

Thank you for contacting us about hosting a Private Party. You can host a Private Party at your home or one of our venues.  For information about Private Parties please go to look in the MENU for PRIVATE PARTIES CHILDREN/TEEN. There you will find information about Private Parties and the CONTRACT. To contact me about scheduling a private party please complete the contract and submit it.  Once I have receive the completed contract I’ll contact you about dates and discuss the event details. When we settle on a date and time you will make a $50.00 deposit and the contract will become active.                       Thanks Kathleen


Option 1: perfect for children 5-10 years, $300.00 minimum                                             1 ½ hour painting on a 11 x 16 canvas.                                                                               $20.00 x 15 painters = $300.00   Additional painters $20.00 each

Option 2: perfect for ages 11-18 years, $375.00 minimum                                                  2 ½ hour painting event on a 16x20 canvas.                                                                     $25.00 x 15 painters = $375.00   Additional painters $25.00 each                                         


Cupcake… Paint a picture of a cupcake and decorate it with bling. Parent tip… to continue he fun have the kids decorate their own cupcakes after the painting event.

Budding artists…  We will provide aprons that your guests can take home for an additional cost. Please notify us in advance if you are choosing this option so we can order the aprons.

Puppy love… Paint a picture of a puppy with a bling collar for added fun. Parent tip… Have a dog themed party for your animal lover

Spin party… create free form spin art on a canvas or tee shirt. Hostess provides the tee shirt.



How do I book an event?  Please fill out the contract at the top of the page under PRIVATE PARTIES and I will contact you to go over your event details and confirm a date. You can choose a picture from the gallery or we will create an original piece for your event. When we have talked and agreed upon the date and the details you will make the deposit and the contact will become active.  The DEPOSIT button is at the bottom of the page.

How much does it cost?  Our event minimum is Children $300.00 minimum for 1-15 painters with an additional charge of $20.00 for each additional painter. Teen event $375.00 to come to your home for a painting event. The $375.00 event fee is for 1-15 painter. For each additional painter there is a $25.00 fee. A $50.00 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve the date.

Payment   Cash payment is due at the end of the event. If it is a group event it is the hostess responsibility to the collect money and pay the artist. Your $50.00 deposit will be deducted from the event total the day of your event.

Travel fee   We charge a $50.00 travel fee for events more than 20 miles from Chino Hills.

Late start fee   We will be ready to start painting at the agreed upon time. There is a $10.00 additional charge for every 15 minutes past the start time or $40.00 per hour.

What do you need to provide for the party?  You will need a space with plenty of room and good lighting. You can seat up to 6 painters at a standard 6ft folding table. Your event can be inside or outside but remember weather and lighting when selecting your location and event time. 

We do the set up and the clean-up  We will arrive an hour before the event to set up. We provide everything you will need to paint. Set up includes… A Canvas (Stencil for drawn images), Apron, Easel, Paint brushes, Paint and a Water cup.

Tips for a successful event   

Arrival time   Have your guests arrive a minimum of 30 min before your painting event is scheduled to start.

Food/ Beverages   Your guests can eat and drink while they paint. We recommend appetizers before the event and a meal or deserts after. If your guests are eating a meal before the event then we recommend a start time of 1 hour before painting. We will need access to tables 1 hour prior to the event.

Venues   We can give you a list of event venues in Chino Hills or we will come to the venue of your choosing. It is your responsibility to contact the venue and reserve the space for your event.



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